Services We Provide

Our starched clothes are done the old fashioned way of boiling the corn starch in buckets and adding it to the rinse cycle before pressing. We then press the shirts and blue jeans on hot head lay down presses, one garment at a time. Most cleaners use a spray, a powder, or sizing starch because it is easier. Not us, we do it the best way for our customers. As some would say, we can literally make a pair of blue jeans stand up on their own, keeping them looking freshly pressed longer than other companies do.

We also clean and press all of our garments at this location. The one exception being leather related items that we send off to a professinal leather cleaning service. Our laundry washing and cleaning is done only in cold water, with the utmost care, to eliminate any shrinkage that could occur if garment is not pre shrunk from the manufacture.

We are a full service, professional, dry cleaning service and a member of the Dry Cleaners and Laundry Institute of America for 15 years. Holiday Cleaners has passed its C2 requirements from the Texas Commission on Environment and Quality for its part in passing all state health inspections every year.

Sign up for our discount programs: 1) 10% off for Seniors (62 and up) 2) $10 for $135 credit program *only one discount per customer*

Same Day service Tuesday through Friday - call for specials.

Services we provide: Special pricing available for:
Dry Cleaning Seniors (62 and up)
Laundry & Pressing Services Military
Alterations - Italian seamstress on site Students
Cleaning & Refinishing leather coats and designer handbags Law enforcement officers
Wedding dress cleaning & preservation in a heirloom box Firefighters
End of year statements for income tax expenses EMS employees